The Poet


“I think, and I like pink”.

“Somewere between the truth, and the lies, and the half truth, lies the truth.”

Mollie revels in the dualities and dichotomies of life: A poet with a learning disability, keeping her from reading and writing. An upstate New York girl who worked for years in the urban music industry. A woman whose work is introspective and personal, yet often about broad public and social issues.

After graduating from Cal Arts with a degree in photography and a minor in film and video, Mollie worked for Sony’s urban music department before opening her own business. At the age of 22, her multi-million dollar recording studio catered to all the major labels. As a young business woman navigating an unforgiving industry, Mollie began pouring her thoughts and feelings into poetry, informed both by her work in urban music and the strong spiritual base her parents had laid for her in upstate New York. Encouraged to perform and compete, Mollie became a regular at LA area slams, eventually selling her business to focus full time on her poetry.

Mollie’s work is conscious, without being pretentious, spiritual without being inaccessible, personal, yet universal. Her goal is to make a difference in the life of anyone who listens to her work or crosses her path.

Mollie has appeared on television on a variety of shows including ESPN’s “I’ll Do Anything”, Bravo’s “No Talent Necessary”, an MTV pilot “Nights with Naudica” and most recently HBO’s “Def Poetry Jam”.  She has performed live at universities across the country including Yale, UCLA, USC and Berkley as well as elementary and high schools.  Had you known, you could also have seen Mollie at Dick’s Sugar Shack in Harlem, Fifth Street and Da Poetry Lounge in LA, where she still makes regular appearances.  Mollie is one of four poets starring in a feature-length documentary entitled “Spit”, slated for release in 2006.  She is also featured in the “Graffiti Verité” series.